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Online Auditions
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Below Are Work-Shop Video Visuals Where You Can See, Up-Coming Artist Acting Skills And Is Trying To Give His Or Her Performance Or Talent.The Shot Is Repeatedly Shoo-ten And Executed, A Single Shot Is Re-Shooted Many Times Till Director Guidance Is OK Is Best Shot Given Till The Up-Coming Artist Performance Is OK To The Skit Or Scene Or Shot Of The Situation. This Working Visuals Are The Work-Shop Session Where An Artist Goes And Completes His Or Her Process & Procedure After His Or Her Photos Are Shortlisted For Our Up Coming Projects In Our Film Production House. Note : If You Can Be Disciplined And Patient To Become Artist Then Only You Can Be An Artist. After Completing The Steps After His Or Her Are Shortlisted In Photo-Wise Selection And Also Completes Online Tests And Mailing Tests And Registrations Then Only He Or She Will Be There In The Trial Shoot Work-Shop Sessions And To The Next Process Of Session Which Are Already Given The In Front Or Home Page Of Our Company Website Page www.srincm.com What Are You Waiting For If You Are Really Willing And Interested Then Send Your Photos And Bio-Data to srincmfilms@gmail.com And auditions@srincm.com And For Any Queries Call Us on 09392467608

Process Of Selections


1. Photo-Wise Selection Is Mandatory

2. Online Auditions Tests Are Compulsory

3. Mailing Test Is Necessary

4. Registration For Trail Shoot’s

5. Trial Shoot For Those Who Complete

6. Artists Agreements Are Required

7. Enrollments For Work-Shop Sessions

8. Artists Work-Shops Will Be Scheduled

9. Enclosing Artist For Shooting

100 % Procedure To Get Chance After Completing All The Process Of Selections You Will Be Chances In Our Up Coming Projects Like Tele-Films, Short Films, Documentary Films, Serials, Art Films, Commercial Films, Ad Films, Films, Movies And Cinema Etc., Note : Only Under The Terms & Conditions Of The Up-Coming Projects With Our Film Production House  Company Which Is Under Registration Companies Act Of Private Limited And Also A Trade Mark Registered Company.




















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